Do you stress over your taxes every year? Do you feel like you don’t get enough time to explain who you are, what you do, and ensure that your preparer knows everything about you to ensure maximum deductions? Do you wish every year for a kind-hearted tax preparer that’ll make you laugh while you learn along the way? Then, meet Nikki Wade & become a client of Affordable Tax Preparation. Located in Columbia, Missouri the Affordable Tax Preparation team serves families and entrepreneurs with their 1099 & W2/W4 annual IRS tax filings & extension requests. If you’ve used a tax preparer or CPA before but are questioning if your best interests were catered to with the ever changing tax laws, let Nikki do a complementary tax consultation & review of your tax filings for the last 3 years. Nikki’s promise to you is: “You won’t pay a dime for my time unless I can get you additional unclaimed money that you’re owed from missed deductions & tax refunds items.” Complete the Contact Form to get started or get to know Nikki more below.


Tax Law & Tax Code are not intuitive. They are complex, ever changing, and impact all facets of our lives. For this reason, Nikki Wade and Affordable Tax Preparation provide a boutique list of services for small-to-medium sized businesses, individuals working as sole-proprietors, employees with one or more W-2 jobs, and families with one or more children. Every life, every person, every tax situation is unique and Nikki loves meeting with you to understand what makes you unique and how to maximize your tax deductions/return. Explore these services to see how Affordable Tax Preparation can be your partner this year. Or, just get started by emailing Nikki right now.

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In this conversational meeting, you can ask your most burning questions to get to know Nikki as your next Tax Professional or to dig through what tax problems you’re facing. This usually lasts 30 minutes but depending on your tax situation, you may need more time and Nikki understands that. Call or fill out the contact form to begin the free consultation process.

Did you know you have up to 3 years to re-submit any missing or incorrect information to the IRS and claim your modified refunds? At Affordable Tax Preparation we hate when people talk about their lifestyle and we realize their prior professionals missed claiming deductions or securing more refund money for them. Having another professional look over your taxes, at no charge, can be a validating way to ensure the job was done right, you got your maximum value for the service you paid for, and that you don’t miss the opportunity to claim any money you’re owed before the government sneaks away with it. Get started today by scheduling a conversation about reviewing the last 3 years of your tax returns, for free! Nikki says: “You won’t pay a dime for my time unless I can get you additional unclaimed money that you’re owed from missed deductions & tax refunds items.”

From simple to complex individual or family tax preparations and filings, we work with you to go through every step of the process. At the end of our meeting, you will have a completely prepared/filed tax return for the year. In addition, most clients know if their return was accepted by the government by the end of the Tax Preparation and Filing session. Pricing is based on the complexity of the return but all filings are kept affordable, even small business tax preparation and returns. Don’t wait until April to begin your tax preparation. Taxes are a year-round business and Nikki is here to help your business or family prepare for the best tax year you can have.


With over 35 years of experience as your friend’s & family’s preference in Tax Preparer, Nikki Wade has some client’s with things to say. Check out these testimonials about how Affordable Tax Preparation has helped other small business owners, individuals, and families process their taxes year-after-year.

“Nikki has prepared our taxes for probably the last 12 years. She has always been very professional and seems to ask every question there is in order to get the most thorough tax return possible. She moves slowly with the return so we understand all the entries. We have full confidence in Nikki’s preparation and have recommended her to several of our friends.”

Gary and Mary Powell

“Nikki has been filing my taxes for over 10 years. During that time I owned a business, and always felt like she made sure we were educated and aware of any available deductions, and looked for ways to save us money. I no longer file business returns, but continue to use Nikki for the peace of mind that everything is being filed accurately and I’m saving as much as possible. She has always been available to answer questions or concerns, and is the person I trust when it comes to filing personal and business returns. ”

Kelsey Allen

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Are you ready to make your tax season less stressful and more productive? Team up with Nikki Wade and Affordable Tax Preparation, today.

About Us

Meet Nikki.

A beach-lover, recovering professional clown, and devoted tax professional since 1987- Nikki Wade, MBA, founded Affordable Tax Preparation after a long-running stint of careers that always led her back to helping others navigate the uncertainty and stress of taxes.

Having been a Tax Preparer, Tax Professional, and Tax Advisor to small businesses, individuals, and families for over 30 years makes Nikki knowledgeable and ready to help you. In her time assisting others with filing, auditing, and understanding their tax situation, Nikki has completed not only a Bachelors but a Master’s degree, too. As an Army Brat, she moved around and settled in Tampa, FL in 1998 but relocated back to Missouri in 2006 where she remains today.

After working for several small CPA/Accounting firms and seeing how the level of service never changed and customers were getting charged more for their service, Nikki became disenchanted with that customer service practice and took the next step in her life mission to be accessible and affordable to her friends, family, and community as an appropriately-priced professional in the tax preparation field.

Nikki believes that with the modern advancements in technology tax preparation accuracy increases in speed and quality, the customer service & relationship building elements are the most important part. She seeks to provide a personal touch with an educational approach to doing & explaining your taxes to you.

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Are you ready to make your tax season less stressful and more productive? Team up with Nikki Wade and Affordable Tax Preparation, today. It’s never too early to start for the next year! Don’t forget to request your free 3-year tax review with Nikki to see if you can claim any additional deductions and refund before the window expires.